Nuvola (from Italian “cloud”) is a free software icon set under the GNU LGPL 2.1.

Originally created for desktop environments like KDE and GNOME. The final version, 1.0, contains almost 600 icons. The default set is in the PNG graphics format; some icons are also available in SVG format.

Version 1.0 has been released on October 15th, 2004 and announced by me on KDE-Look. See the original message quote.

It was april 2002 when I first started designing a little 48×48 icon and published it at
It was an alternative “trashcan” for KDE 2. Since then I’ve continued designing icons and started many themes to increase my skills and improve design quality, these were: “Desktop icons“, “Sky“, “Lush” and finally “Nuvola“.

It tooks me more than a year to reach version 1, the more professional, consistent and complete Nuvola theme ever released, it will turn your KDE in an eyecandy colourful desktop.

If you never tryed Nuvola what are you waiting? give it a try! For the others waiting this release since a long time… download Nuvola 1.0 now!



Big thanks goes to Mark Mahle from VR Hosted for hosting the and Nuvola, supporting my work and being a true friend. Christian Schaller to be a big fan and supporter of Nuvola SVG and to have made me part of the gnome-themes-extras team.
Carlos Woelz for his work at kde-quality and to give me some visibility with the interview at
More thanks goes to Swell Technology, Frank Karlitschek of and special thanks to the guys of the Nuvola Mailinglist:Marcel Dierkes, Christian Szabo and Virginie Quesnay.

Release Planning

Actually there aren’t new releases of Nuvola scheduled.


Nuvola 1.0 for KDE 3.x

Terms of Use

The Nuvola icons are licensed under the LGPL