How did it all started

My interest in open source started during the first year of university. I went to a student association and asked for a RedHat CD, but they saw I was a total newbie and gave me a CD with Mandrake 7.01 instead. Not bad, since that was how I saw KDE in action for the first time, it was version 1.2, I was amazed, I discovered a whole new world that day.

Something about Nuvola

Thanks to sites like I finally started contributing artwork for KDE, and eventually one of my icon themes turned out to be a big, huge, gigantic success in the open source community, that’s right I’m talking about Nuvola.Go to Nuvola page

And something about Oxygen

While Nuvola was my little baby, in 2005 I got a ping from core KDE developers and artists to join them in Berlin for an almost secret meeting where I learned that what they wanted from me was to lead the development of the next KDE visual interface, starting from the icon theme. And that’s how the Oxygen Project started. Go to Oxygen